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Friday, January 07, 2005

Indian cops and CS girls

Here is an interesting story about Indian cops


I have also thought about these cops things in India, I laughed my ass out when I read

" The judge refused to consider the agreement on which the student clicked, for there was no signature in ink . "

As murthy points out according to this ALL of e-com in India in India. Cool so I should stop buying the books from the net.

Anyway one of my friends has watched the clip he told me that the clip is just about 173 seconds long, which makes me wonder can anyone really do something good in those 173 seconds :-).

Also I came across this post on women computer science students


Makes sense to me, considering I really don't know any good women CS programmers, yes I have come across them through net but that is obviously very rare, and I have to admit that whenever I look at them, I can't help saying

"Would you go out on a date?".

Oh well what else.


Blogger Sriram said...

Sorry dude - but my best friend happens to be a 'woman computer science student'. What's more - she's probably the best programmer I've ever met (in the Joel post, she's the female Lisp hacker I was talking about).

And yes - I find other things to talk to her about than asking her out on a date, like you say.

8:27 AM, January 14, 2005

Blogger Aarthi said...

After reading the article (
http://cse.stanford.edu/class/cs201/projects-00-01/women-in-cs/stayingwithcs.html) I was shocked that you could actually agree with it. The author got almost everything wrong there. First of all, the classification.
>Instrumentals are the women who choose to adopt the >male model of computing
Yeah right! What is a "male" model of computing? I'm a comp.sci student too and believe it or not, my class consists of more females than males who are interetsted in programming.

>Many women are also disappointed by the lack of >visible application of much of the material taught to >undergraduates.
How come this disappoints *only* women? Non-applicability of any technology frustrates anyone, not just women. But that definitely is not a reson for losing interest in the field.

I belong to neither categories - instrumentals or balancers. In fact, I think think the whole division is seriously flawed. Who says feminism hinders competence?

>I think that at some point, all the women I went to >graduate school with made the decision that they >would rather be smart than feminine
I took one long look at that sentence and burst out laughing..Ever considered a *combination* of smart 'and' feminine?

Being in the CS field, I can't believe you could relate to what is being inferred in the article. It's high time you folks changed your opinion. The gender bar is minimizing rapidly, productivity and quality are all that matters now. No one really worries which gender you belong to as long as you're able to survive today.

Finally, if asking out on a date is the only thought that you get when you see "any good women CS programmers", isn't something wrong somewhere? Shouldn't you probably be asking them their favourite programming language instead? (SIGH)

1:09 AM, January 15, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If I come across a good programmer,I'd first ask him/her 'How u doin' and then mabbe 'Whats ur favy language'.After I'm sure I like a woman,I'd ask her for a date.Not coz she's a good programmer, that does'nt have nothing to do with it.

I see that the woman-not-good-for-computers theory was originally a project study in Stanford University, California. While SU is indeed a respected institution, I would'nt take anything it says as the gospel truth. All generalizations are wrong- including this one.

1:58 AM, January 15, 2005


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