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Monday, March 07, 2005

Hurray to Quark

So some of you might have read that Quark has fired 150 of it's employees, I had actually been expecting this for quite while now. Quark is one of the very few IT companies in my city. The other one is Infosys and together it is said that they account for more than 50% of the software exports from Punjab state.

However, Quark is one of those companies which has some of the worst management practices I have come across, I have only come across there HR management so let me point out some fallacies in it.

When about a year back I was looking for my internship and I visited their office, I ask the wise guy sitting at desk and he asks me to call this Ms P, I call her up and the convo goes on like this.

Me: Hi, Ms P I am wondering if you can provide me any information about internships at Quark
MsP: Could you tell me what you are doing?
Me: I am doing my Msc(IT)
MsP: We don't take in any Msc(IT) students
Me: Any
MsP: Yes any.

Convo ends. I came back home felling a bit dejected. Later that night I called up one of my friends and she told me about one of our mates who had got internship at Quark. My O my, was in a surprise when I got to know her name. This girl could not even write "Hello World" in C and she was hired. Later I talked to one of my friends at Quark and she was absolutely clear about how Quark hires,

a) You are taken in from college.
b) You know someone in management at Quark.

Sure knowing some one big anywhere is a big asset, but when you can't write hello world and you are hired thats shity. Anyway what can I say about those who were fired



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