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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Hotmail Revisited

Till about couple of years back I was one of the avid not to mention forced users of Microsoft’s Hotmail. For many, Hotmail back then was truly “Hot-mail”. It had the largest number of users, a good interface and not to mention “just enough” mail storage of 2 MB. Then GMail came. I won’t write the rest of the story but what I want to share is about my recent encounter with Hotmail. I had to login into one of those “shitty-passport-required” websites and having long forgotten about my old hotmail id, I decided to create a new one. And boy was in for a surprise? The procedure for creating a new account has surely changed but once I logged in I expected to see at least a Gigabyte of email space and instead what do I get? A paltry low 25MB.  I just have absolutely no idea how much time will Microsoft take to give at least one Gigabyte of email space to the masses. For one, Rediff was able to provide a Gigabyte of email storage in just a couple of months of launch of GMail. I shudder to think just about how many users Microsoft lost from its foolishness.

Just when Microsoft needed to take the bull by its horns it seems that, Microsoft just lost it.


Blogger mukul said...

Interestingly, recently I found that all of my saved old mails in Hotmail got deleted. When I searched net, I found that this happened to many people. MS reply -"You should save mails in some folder on your computer".

10:09 AM, February 17, 2006


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