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Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Google Myth

A lot of people worship Google, to them if you present with a search engine other than Google, chances are they would consider you retro. And why not? After all Google gives what you are looking for and claims to have the largest search index and thereby the largest "directory". Or does it?

It seems that a LOT of pages indexed by Google are so called spam pages. Pages which have nothing relating to what you are looking for, and often crop up in top 10, top 50 search results. To read more about just how bad this is check out "Google Index Flooded With Spam"

P.S. Personally I don't worship Google. I use both IE and Firefox, pretty much equally, and IE my default search engine is Yahoo! and Google on Firefox. And a lot of times I prefer and trust Yahoo's results over Google's.

Update: The Register has a bit older post on the same topic at Full-up Google choking on Web spam


Blogger mukul said...

Some questions pops up here -- can indexing ever will become perfect. What are the models of indexing ? Can this model be ever be generic ? Can thinking indexig in general terms is perfect ? I know that many people prefer altavista and yahoo (I read one biology book, whose preface mentioned to use altavista for precise searching). I will not comment of superiority of yahoo or google. These arguments are quite old. Its still a nascent field!

10:54 PM, June 18, 2006

Blogger Imanpreet said...

Mukul wrote:

can indexing ever will become perfect.

Interesting question, and frankly speaking I really don't know, I believe that if we look at the current indexing models, then it looks very difficult indeed. Different people have different needs, and it is just not at all possible to provide an absolutely fool proof indexing method.

As regards to comparison between yahoo, google and msn. I personally believe that one just needs to be open about which search engine to use, and frankly speaking each of them is quite good and deserves appreciation. Ok well maybe not msn search :-). I have been really dissatisfied by their search quality.

11:26 PM, June 18, 2006

Blogger Imanpreet said...

BTW, do check up "community" based search engine at


I haven't been able to check it up completly but is quite an interesting concept.

11:36 PM, June 18, 2006


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