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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Enemies Of The World

Ma friend AJ-B has written a wonderful rap. I don't have his webpage but here is his Orkut Profile Page.


Verse 1
Wot I See.......
Multiple Gunshots
Blood refined in da Blocks
Homiez died on da spot
but no one was Caught
coz he was Minister's Son
Killed a Homie like insane
All sayin' this was bad, but no one feels the pain
but do ya ever thought where it rain
Wot bot the Victam's Mother
Died Homie was her only Hope, Listen Brother
n real killa is not some other
Not Minister's Son, It was us Brother
We elected the Bastards n then we Die
For any Person, No one Stands up n cry
n this is done by us, We can't stand against Crime
insted sayin' this is not done with us, This was his Bad Time
n still we say we r Nice People n Good Skin
Ignoring the fact, Watching Crime is the Biggest Sin
We should stand against n Fight, No one Thinks
Oldies say they r Bad people n they have Mafia Links
but World like these Ancestor thoughts, Real Stinks
We r down People, and thats how its Supposed to be
Everyone looks for Practical Profit, No one's close to me
We can't get a true friend, This is every one's reality
We deserve it coz on Anyone's loss, We have a Fake Guilty
Our teachers, Our Parents taught this too
Live for Others, but they theirselves can't get through
They Save their own ass first, n this is true
(Chorus Singing)
This is the Reality.......We all are Enemies of the World

Verse 2
Wot I See.....
Souljas on the War
Wot we hadn't think of far
Souljas fight, Souljas died
but we say we win the Pride
No one Cares bot the Family of a Soulja
Who'll give the Widow Hand, n whos their to Hold ya
Who's gonna Carry Lil' ones, n whos goin' to Fold ya
n This is the Reality as i told ya
We feel Proud of Winnin' War, but this is Shame
This is our Degrading Atitude, not our Fame
We didn't need but juz Go for a War, juz listen Man
Not against Country's poverty, But against Pakistan
Do ever think ya is any ones needin' this War
Except the Politicians, the Country's Real Scar
Souljas on other side r too humans
but we don't realize, we love Execution
now we've to realize we r humans brother
it tooks madness to kill but Heart to heal each other
Must have a feelin' of Love, Rather
than the Hate fillin' our minds disgraced
Gettin' us out of Human Race
n Undastand bot the Peace's Face
We lick the hoes of real Enemies Politicians
insted of undastanding the Real Humanism
We know wot's Wrong but still we say they r Right in front
Overshadowin' the fact, they r goin' to our Kids Hunt
n makin' our Generation Blunt
n We it seen by our Eyes Naked
Juz thinkin' this fact is really Faked
(Chorus Singing)
This is the Reality.......We all are Enemies of the World
We Must have to come Up
To be Gathered as One, agsinst Dirty Politics
Rulin' Ma Life, Our Lives, Our Country n even Our World
The Wars r juz a set up
No body wants them, Juz for a Political Satisfaction
n U know wot really is Political Satisfaction
yup....Show of the War n Defence & Playin' with National Budget
Our Taxes goes in their Pocket
n the Heros, Our Souljas, Get killed
Reason behind tat is Only one......We Can't Come Up n Unite
Thats why We all r Enemies of the World Bro

Verse 3
n Still I See.....
So Many Religions, No Humanism
No one Count the Man, but Racism
We listen to the Religious preachings, but we don't ever follow
all taught us same tat God is One n we r 1, Undastand this fellow
We Learn to see every one as a Brother instead of Distant Strangers
Must follow the real learnings of Religions n Be the Straighters
Everyone say their Religion is Glistening
Wot r the real thoughts, Nobodys listening
Love is the real religion, that's what Osho said
Critcizin' him still now, Even when Osho's dead
Religious Preachers say they r juz one in the Human's Hole
Tellin' us stay Stanch bot Religion, n keep Playin with that Role
n Wash Us to Prepare for a Religious War against Each Other
Telling us Religious Killing is a Sacrifice, it Ain't a Murder
Watched the Blood, Where ever I Go,
Why is this for, Still I can't know
n Everyone is up for a Religious Show
Unwillingly thoughts r Comin' out, I Juz want to Cover Spaces
Fucked wid Muslims Hindus Sikhs n Catholics, its Nothin' about the Races
We have to Come Up n let this feeling Fix
Must forget the Mosque Doom on December 6
even 1984 Tragedy in Delhi, Brutelin' of the Sikhs
n Forgive everything, n Juz refer as a Finished Bad Disease
Leave these Nightmares n Go for a Next, A time to Fanatic Freeze
Must follow the Facts, wot Religions really Teach
No One is Up n No One is Under
A World wid Humanism is Similar to Heaven, I Wonder
(Chorus Singing)
This is the Reality.......We all are Enemies of the World
Every Religion Thoughts have Same Meanings, Juz Expressed in Different Ways
The Person Ready to Forget to be Fanatic bot Religion
n Treat every Human Like a Brotha
n Follow the Real Taughts of Religion
n Believe in Humanism
is Only Counted in Humans
The Rest......U Know Better wot he is.....
According to Me they all are Enemies of the World


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