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Friday, September 16, 2005

Foundation Day, Sleep Day

Its Foundation day today here at IIIT-B. When I came to this institute I was told about some big days at IIIT-B

a) Freshers Party
b) Foundation Day
c) Diwali Party

Foundation day is considered to be a pretty big day, big day in the sense that we get good food to eat on this day, if not for anything else. Sure, lot of these big dignitaries come and speak, but good food beats them all. At least that is what I have been told.

But me the innocent soul just wanted to sleep, sleep sleep sleep. It is 16:00, I am feeling sleepy, and I sleep. The function starts at 17:30, I am sleeping, I wake up at 18:30, but I hear voices, I switch on my rooms light, call up my friend, and just lie down for a couple of minutes, and I sleep again. The function gets over at 20:30, and I am still sleeping. The food is about to get over at 21:00 and thank god I am awake. There is no dal but am happy because Kundan who probably had got too much for himself, was kind enough to give it to me than to throw it down the garbage can. So much for good food.


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