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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Long pending updates.


That has been one break from blogging. I really don't know, just exactly why I actually stopped blogging, not that I know, why I started doing it at the first place itself :).

A lot has happened over the time I blogged last over here. And it has been such a long duration that I actually have to open my own blog to see what exactly I wrote earlier. Here is a summary of some of the stuff. Some really cool stuff, some not so cool stuff and something that just completely goes *bad*.

1) For one I got a chance to work on some really cool stuff during my internship at IBM. I worked with Manish, Bhavesh and some of the coolest and the most hardworking people out there. That was fun, but then Booooooooom!! IBM has this hiring freeze and I am out of the scene. So long Deep Blue.

2) Hello Red. I have always liked blue and red. If somebody would give me a sheet of paper and colors I would just use blue and red. That said, I got an offer to work at Oracle. People are really cool over here. I am currently at Oracle’s HQ in US and people here are fun to work with.

3) I went over to meet my folks, and spent one whole month with them. Yippie!

4) Out of hostel and now living my buddies, Kundan , Taran, Vikas and Vivek.

5) Started earning! Yippie!

6) Got a girl! She is sweeeeeeet! Love her. Wait, shouldn’t this be the first one?

A lot has happened. I just hope this tiny miny little update is O.K for all the blogoscope friends and friends who haven’t been able to talk to in a loooooooooooong time and were just wondering if I was dead or alive.

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