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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Road Trip To Shivanasamudra

The only road trips that me and my wifey had been having for more than a month were to the malls for grocery shopping. And it was high time to break the status quo. So, we decided to pack up the bags and head over to Shivanasamudra. It was a pretty easy choice as I had recently seen pics of the falls and there was no way I was going to hold back on going over.

We were planning to start off early around 6:00 but people had suggested that it was OK to go a bit late and 8:00 was a good time to start off. All said and done, we started from our place at 9:30 Albeit, it was Saturday, it took some time to get out of Bangalore and get on to the Mysore road. We reached Kaamat at 11:30 and had a decent breakfast. Decent, because I had heard several rave comments about Kaamat but the food served wasn't warm and I hate eating food which seems to come out of cold storage.

We hopped back into car at 12:00. I however missed the turn required to get onto SH33 due to which I had to travel some extra distance. SH33 didn't please me much as there were few rough patches en route. Guys at Team BHP had recommended to go to Barachukki first and it turned out to be a pretty great recommendation. Its an amazing place and the falls were perfect to just go in and relax. It is recommended to carry extra set of clothing if you truly want to enjoy the falls. One however needs to be bit careful over here as when you are crossing over the stones to reach the falls, there is a great chance of slipping. I had a narrow escape as I myself did slip once, but someone quickly held my hand.

We spent a cool 2 and half hours at this place, after which we started off for Gaganchukki. It was pretty quiet over here and there weren't many people around. We stayed there and enjoyed the falls for half an hour. There is also a hotel over here and one can get a quick bite and enjoy the swings over here.

We started from Gaganchukki at 17:00 and I decided to give my wifey some confidence of driving on highway and let her drive the entire SH33 stretch. We were planing to have dinner at McDonalds but we missed the turn and decided to eat at Kaamat itself. After a round of Poori Bhaaji and Vaada's we hopped back at 8. We didn't want to spend time in traffic near Corporation circle so we decided to take NICE road. As always it is just sheer thrill driving on NICE road as I just love hitting top speeds whenever I am on this road.

We reached back home at 21:30 and it was end of an amazing journey. You can check up the pics on my Facebook page

Route while going: --> Bangalore -> Mysore Road --> Maddur -> Malavalli -> Shivanasamudra

Route while coming back: --> Shivanasamudra -> Maddur --> Malavalli --> NICE Road --> Bangalore

Route Map: Click here



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