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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sun's Blackbox

I have always admired Sun, for all the unique ideas that it seems to come up with. And of late, I have been tracking Project Blackbox.

The concept basically invoves having Data Center on wheels. The size of the box is the same as that of standard shipyard container, so it can even be shipped all the way across, well, on a ship, what else?

Now Sun is going one step further, it is dumping these Blackboxes into old rejected coal mines, wherein they would be just dumped in and would save power as, it would require little external cooling as it would be using ground water(?). This would bring in a cost saving of about $9 million/year. All in all, sounds good, though I always have second thoughts whenever any company comes out with $x million of savings for whatever product they are pushing in, without mentioning the fact that their product itself would cost some $y million more.

Though surprisingly, Blackbox's first customer Stanford, colored it all white, evidently to save more energy, as well, if you remember physics, black, what else. radiates more heat.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Long pending updates.


That has been one break from blogging. I really don't know, just exactly why I actually stopped blogging, not that I know, why I started doing it at the first place itself :).

A lot has happened over the time I blogged last over here. And it has been such a long duration that I actually have to open my own blog to see what exactly I wrote earlier. Here is a summary of some of the stuff. Some really cool stuff, some not so cool stuff and something that just completely goes *bad*.

1) For one I got a chance to work on some really cool stuff during my internship at IBM. I worked with Manish, Bhavesh and some of the coolest and the most hardworking people out there. That was fun, but then Booooooooom!! IBM has this hiring freeze and I am out of the scene. So long Deep Blue.

2) Hello Red. I have always liked blue and red. If somebody would give me a sheet of paper and colors I would just use blue and red. That said, I got an offer to work at Oracle. People are really cool over here. I am currently at Oracle’s HQ in US and people here are fun to work with.

3) I went over to meet my folks, and spent one whole month with them. Yippie!

4) Out of hostel and now living my buddies, Kundan , Taran, Vikas and Vivek.

5) Started earning! Yippie!

6) Got a girl! She is sweeeeeeet! Love her. Wait, shouldn’t this be the first one?

A lot has happened. I just hope this tiny miny little update is O.K for all the blogoscope friends and friends who haven’t been able to talk to in a loooooooooooong time and were just wondering if I was dead or alive.

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