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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Careers in Indian IT industry

Professor Sadagopan has an interesting post on carrers in Indian IT industry

Update Thanks to "anonymous" and Sanket for pointing out that this is not a post from "Professor" Sadagopans blog.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Share Your Pain

Extremely Hilarious, check out how Microsoft is planning to Share Your Pain Video time:3.50 Minutes

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Bangalore a disappointment

When I came to Bangalore couple of months back, a lot of my friends congratulated me on going to the IT dream city of India. Sure, even I was probably more excited about being able to go to Bangalore than getting an opportunity to join IIIT-B.

But, all this turned in to a sour dream the very first day I landed up in Bangalore. Bangalore's roads and its traffic just sucks. It took me more than a couple of hours to cover a distance of twenty five kilometers. And every time I looked out the window of my cab I was like "Is this Bangalore?" followed by “Is this *really* Bangalore?”. I remember, I got so fed up of this that I just wanted to go back to my hometown Mohali/Chandigarh. Figure this, our institute is located in "Electronics City" the so called hub of several IT companies. Infosys is headquartered right opposite our institute. But, while you are on your way to Electronics City and look out of the window of your car you would have a feeling that you are probably entering some slum area. I have been to very few places after coming to Bangalore but while going to any place, the status of infrastructure is just pathetic.

And frankly speaking I am not surprised when Wipro chairman, "Azim Premji" is thinking of setting up their operations in Mohali . Even Infosys is setting up their operations in the newly developed IT park in Chandigarh. Not to mention, Google and Yahoo!, as I have been told, are also planning to set up their development and research centers in Chandigarh.

Seems like I need to get the word "Chandigarhed" trademarked. Though, I can say for sure that this won’t be a word that you will ever see in Oxford. This is because this time it won’t be Americans and the British who will cry foul, it would be Bangalorians. I wish I could say “Wake up” but my gut feeling is that it is just too late.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

First ones out

Friday, 7th October 2005. I just won’t forget this day. While the class was going on, my friend Manu sitting next to me thinks something weird and starts drawing really funny picture of the guy on the other side of him, Parsad. Not sure what was going on their minds the game just got a "bit too funny" Manu draws Parsad and then Parsad wants to try drawing Manu. While this was going on I just could not help myself and joined the party. But, just a few moments down, I see that the camera is right on top of us. I just move myself to tell Manu to just be a bit careful and Bang!, the professor sees us. And very politely he asks us[%] to leave the class. Manu apologizes, but its too late. Out of the Class!!. Graduate School, IIIT-B. Seniors say that we are probably the first ones to be EVER thrown out of the class at IIITB. So much so for novelty.

I just hope my mom does not come across this blog.

[%] Just me and Manu. Parsad got away with it and a kick in the butt after the class.