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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Deja Vu

One of my friends pointed me out to some popular videos on YouTube relating to traffic conditions on Indian Roads. If you are an Indian trust, there is nothing much surprising about them. But, it is really funny to read the comments posted by people from around the world, on each of these videos. Here are couple of the videos that are part of every day life of Indians but not so for others.

Chicken Crossing the Road

Indian Driving

Also, do read "The Driving Dutchman"

Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Google Myth

A lot of people worship Google, to them if you present with a search engine other than Google, chances are they would consider you retro. And why not? After all Google gives what you are looking for and claims to have the largest search index and thereby the largest "directory". Or does it?

It seems that a LOT of pages indexed by Google are so called spam pages. Pages which have nothing relating to what you are looking for, and often crop up in top 10, top 50 search results. To read more about just how bad this is check out "Google Index Flooded With Spam"

P.S. Personally I don't worship Google. I use both IE and Firefox, pretty much equally, and IE my default search engine is Yahoo! and Google on Firefox. And a lot of times I prefer and trust Yahoo's results over Google's.

Update: The Register has a bit older post on the same topic at Full-up Google choking on Web spam

Will You Fix My Computer?

A lot of times we geeks tend to avoid when someone asks us to fix their computer. If I can fix it, why can't he do it by himself? It turns out if you are billionaire, CEO of a company none other than Microsoft and someone asks you to fix the computer, you just can't say no. Jim Allcin the guy behind Windows XP and Vista shares an interesting anecdote about Steve Ballmer, wherein Ballmer while attending his friends son's wedding is asked to fix the computer. And Steve Ballmer spends TWO days trying to fix the computer! Sadly, even after all this hard work he isn't able to and the computer goes to Microsoft's Redmond Head Quaters!!

To read more about it follow this link.